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Who We Are

Paul Krismer

Workplace Culture Expert

Paul Krismer‘s engaging delivery leaves audience members wanting more with a feedback rating of 9.2 out of 10. He brings a powerful, science based delivery that changes minds and shapes new workplace culture!

Jackson Kerchis

Happiness Researcher & Educator

Jackson Kerchis teaches people and organizations the science of happiness for a happier and high-performing workforce. Jackson believes that the science of happiness has the power to transform the world of business.

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What we can do for you

Engaging talks for all audiences

From consulting to keynotes for your next big event, Paul and Jackson deliver a highly engaging experience. All based in positive psychology, you and your staff will walk away with powerful tools to transform their personal happiness—resulting in massive changes to job satisfaction, workplace culture and productivity!

Read Paul’s Best Selling Book

Paul Krismer is the author of the best-selling book, Whole Person Happiness: How to be Well in Body, Mind and Spirit. He wrote the book as a way to give everyone access to his teaching on cutting edge positive psychology.

Experience Cultural Transformation

Current Reality
  1. Seriously Challenged Recruitment and Retention
  2. Disengagement — Uninspired & Unsupportive Culture
  3. Pockets of Toxic Leadership
  4. Mental health issues and presenteeism
  5. Low Commitment = Low Productivity

What You Get
  1. Practical Positive Psychology Skills
  2. Paradigm Shift from Tasks to People
  3. Super Engaged Audience — Participative
  4. Entertained and Energized Learners
  5. Practical Skills

Leaders Transformed
  1. High Performing Teams
  2. Committed Teams Bonded in Unified Purpose
  3. Leaders Comfortable & Confident
  4. Soaring Engagement & Productivity
  5. Effective Personnel Management