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Testimonials from Event Organizers

I brought Paul to speak to participants in our Leadership Development Program at Johnson & Johnson. Paul was super engaging and high energy. He took the time to get to know our organizational needs and customized the content just for us. He left specific action items for both personal and professional success. He was fabulous and has already been requested to return for another speaking engagement!

Emily Bouley, Johnson & Johnson

Mr. Krismer engaged our audience with precision timing and thought-provoking inquiries. His vibrant personality coupled with his high-energy and infectious attitude kept everyone attentive. He shared real-life stories and impactful scenarios which everyone could relate to

Mike Williams, Wisconsin National Guard Association

Paul did a great job of conveying his positive message. He brought energy! He was the first Speaker so he day started amazingly. Paul delivered everything — great to communicate with and anything we needed he would respond right away.

Joe Weber, General Contractors Insurance

If you are looking for a highly engaging, entertaining, and extremely knowledgeable speaker/facilitator I strongly recommend Paul. He delivered a keynote on positive psychology along with some breakout sessions on happiness, mindfulness, and leadership for more than 400 university employees – absolutely inspiring! The feedback has been excellent!

Coby Fulton, Thompson Rivers University

With Jackson you’re going to get a totally new perspective – a break away from the mundane educational event.

Andrew, Oliver Wyman

Paul’s presentation during our National Planning Session was excellent! We got phenomenal feedback from everybody we polled. His approach was very interactive. He got people up who typically wouldn’t participate. It was a powerful, clear, and very positive message.

Jeff Smith, Investors Group

Paul was very energetic. The happiness was literally contagious. He laid a foundation why happiness is important. It was a very mixed audience yet people really enjoyed what he brought!

Ursula Lee, BC Cancer Agency

Jackson is the real deal – 10 out of 10!

Jordan, Angel Investor

I hired Paul to deliver a workshop for a group of international project managers. The scientific basis of his teachings was really important to me. . . and delivered in such a fun way! Great feedback from the audience! Great participation! Everything was just what I asked for.

Linda Jones, Project Management Institute

Paul led a two hour workshop at our conference.  We got overwhelming positive feedback from the conference attendees. Paul brought an inspiring message . . . . If you are looking for an engaging speaker who can shift perspectives, I recommend Paul.

Ron Corbeil, SAFER

Jackson was inspiring and engaging — amazing. He covered both strategy and application!

Colton, Boston Consulting Group

As a regular event planner, I am always looking for fresh, exciting speakers. Paul was everything I could hope for: professional, polished, funny, and very informative. My audience loved him. And we were all happier for the experience!

Lisa Tate, Institute of Families

Paul worked closely with our team and tailored the content to fit our unique needs. He easily engaged the audience with his energy and enthusiasm and I was amazed at how he made it all make sense with some practical skills to put into practice right away. He showed us all that happiness really is a positive choice that we can make every day.

Tammy Scott, Amica

Jackson totally changed how I view the topic of happiness. And any organization looking for that extra edge would benefit from his message.

Christian, Vivint Home

We had a lot of laughs. Paul’s energy is just electric. The way he presents allows information to really seep in and become memorable. We will be doing more work with him and highly recommend him to others!

Melinda Morben, Island Timberlands

Paul’s energetic and dynamic talk to our Annual Meeting of the International Association of Defense Counsel was a hit with our lawyer members. Paul was able to adapt his presentation to our needs, and he was a pleasure to work with.

Steven Rosenhek, International Association of Defense Counsel

Paul spoke to something essential all business owners crave: achieving meaningfulness and reward in how we approach our work and, by extension, our life. I appreciated his science based approach to demonstrate how greater satisfaction can be achieved. He was sincere and approachable.

Murray Kimber, SpeedPro

We needed someone to come in a give the team a lift – to remind us of what we can accomplish together, and that our workplace is a good place to be! The thing that really strikes me about Paul is that he is real. He speaks from the heart, and he is truly passionate about what he talks about which easily engages his audience. I am telling anyone who will listen that Paul is fantastic!

Cheryl Lawrence, Government of British Columbia

What Paul said was relevant to any industry. . . He spoke at our gala event. He made a lot of sense to everyone, including the many small business owners who were in the crowd. The presentation was fantastic. There was rapt attention!

Susan Dankert, Pet Industry and Joint Advisory Council

Paul presented a  high energy and positive session on “Happiness and Well-being”.  He entered a room of a somewhat skeptical group of professionals and was able to keep them engaged and participative throughout the session.  He is able to combine theoretical knowledge, storytelling and audience participation in his presentation. I highly recommend him.

Marna Johns, Vancouver Island Correctional Center

The feedback has been great! Everyone who attended said they really valued what they learned. Paul, you are so energetic and knowledgeable. It was great to have someone so enthusiastic and passionate talk about happiness and mindfulness. Thanks for being open, honest and such a great presenter! We hope to have you present at Clearly again soon!

Mindy McManus, Clearly

Paul had an easy engaging style and used a variety of formats to present an interesting and informative workshop. It certainly inspired and encouraged us to think about the ways we can positively influence our workplace. I have clearly observed the ongoing positive impact of that on our staff. From an organizational point of view, it was time very well spent!

Katrina Jensen, Aids Vancouver Island

I have invited Paul to speak at Brentwood College three times and I will keep inviting him back. His presentations are inspiring and practical. I always get fabulous feedback from the audience. Paul is the real deal—professional, intelligent, and engaging.

Jasmin Thomas-Brown, Brentwood College

This was one of the best presentations I have ever been to.  So powerful and effective. It can literally change your perspective on happiness for the rest of your life!

Keivan Mehrtabar, Diacon

As a public speaker Paul was inspiring. Just right . . . not pushy or contrived, rather he was 100% committed to his mission. It was an offering, take it or leave it. I loved it. Paul is a friendly, confident speaker with no overinflated personality. Great delivery. Great message.

Dawn Miles, View Royal Municipality

Paul provided a window into a necessary understanding of human behavior that will benefit all who attend his talks. His easy-going style of delivery allows everyone to connect not only with the material, but also with him. Paul provides us with the tools to harness this essential human experience, and make it benefit our daily existence.

Susan Sproule, Forest Safety Council

The scientific perspective was an interesting approach to the concept of individual happiness. The presentation was engaging and informative; providing tips to immediately start impacting the neural network and happiness level.

Aimee Arsenault, Tridon Communications

Paul Krismer presented an entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking presentation on happiness and positive psychology. Feedback from the talk was very positive and we look forward to bringing him back at some point in the future for other presentations. I would highly recommend Paul as a speaker and “happiness expert”.

Eli Baker, Victoria Hospice

Paul led a session that was extremely engaging. We all walked away learning something new about ourselves – valuable information that we could use both in our professional and personal lives. I would strongly recommend Paul for corporate workshops and/or one on one professional coaching.

Linda Tesser, IG Publications

Funny! Energetic! Relevant! A ten out of ten! I recommend Paul.

Chris Kleeven, Fortis BC

. . . a consummate professional and truly skilled for this role.

Dianne Hawkins, Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce

Not only did Paul knock it out of the park with his high-energy keynote, he was also a fantastic emcee and panel moderator for our event. He was well prepared and kept the event running smoothly from start to finish. His experience, guidance, and insights as a safety expert were invaluable, and his thought-provoking message hit home and resonated with our audience of safety professionals. We felt confident and secure working with Paul and his team from the very start and look forward to having Paul back for an event in the future.

Anita Zubricki, Safety Services Manitoba

Paul was a delight to work with. He showed up early so we could check all of the technical aspects of his program. He was super energetic and engaged with the audience. He was exactly what we needed for the closing of our annual meeting.

Tonya Suits, The American Society of Workers’ Compensation Professionals (AMCOMP)

Working with Paul and his team was wonderful. Not only was he an engaging, thought-provoking speaker, but he was easy to work with and highly professional. Our 600+constituents were excited and energized by his discussion of resiliency in an uncertain time. We would highly recommend him for future keynote opportunities.

Ann Snyder, Council for Advancement and Support of Education

Exactly what our people needed. Our attendees were thrilled with the content and the message was right on point! Paul was a pleasure to work with.

Jennifer Moore, Spark Womens’ Conference

Paul and David were both a pleasure to work with throughout the planning process. They were both responsive and thorough. The survey results from Paul’s keynote session at the 2021 Western Regional Dental Experience were fantastic. Over 99% of the more than 700 people that attended the session rated it as “excellent” and the most frequent comment was that attendees would have liked the session to be longer. AzDA will forward to having Paul speak at an event again in the future.

Shana Abrahams, AzDA

Paul Krismer was the best dose of energy and uplifting motivation for our healthcare audience in 2022. His presentation on The Serious Business of Positive Emotions was extremely engaging and our audience complimented his “contagious enthusiasm” and “obvious passion” and said he was a “most Excellent choice of speaker.” Several attendees asked us to invite Paul back for future sessions.

Joyce Pearson, Mississippi Hospital Association

We received positive feedback on our meeting, and to Paul’s presentation “Resiliency in the Midst of Uncertainty: Deploying Proven, Powerful Tools to Achieve Success.” The session was insightful and really made us think about how positivity affects our own health and the health of others around us. The knowledge Paul shared was extremely helpful to members. It was a great way to finish our meeting. Hopefully we can work with Paul again in the future!

Leane Swales, The Conference Board of Canada

The last few years have been extremely challenging for our members, so we wanted a fun and engaging keynote speaker who could re-invigorate them with meaningful and inspiring content. Paul set the tone for a great annual conference and motivated our attendees to go back to their workplace and be the best version of themselves. Also, Paul was so thoughtful leading up to the event and worked hard to customize his presentation for our audience.

Da-Nell Pedersen, Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers

British Columbia College of Nurses & Midwives engaged Paul for our first in-person all staff meeting as our newly amalgamated organization. We wanted to uplift our staff and provide them with some tangible tools to continue to be successful – especially in such times of change. Paul’s talk, which addressed the science of positive psychology, did just that. Our staff were laughing, listening, and openly engaging with Paul while learning about how happiness creates success. We took away practical tips to be happier (i.e. successful) and to practice gratitude and appreciative inquiry. Paul took the time to learn about our unique organization and spoke directly to us in a way that made the whole experience more personal and impactful.

Louise Aerts, British Columbia College of Nurses & Midwives

Paul is such a delightful and dynamic speaker. During his 90-minute presentation, he made our audience laugh, smile, and focus on the positive in both their professional and personal lives, rather than circumstances that may not be going well with them. His topic was on point, and we were so impressed with the way he engaged our audience and the techniques he used to connect with them. Paul’s positive energy is an attraction for people, and many of our members said he was the best part of our conference.

Petra Rapmund, Rehabilitation Return to Work Program

I saw Paul speak as a keynote at a large conference in Denver and he knocked it out of the park with his high-energy, engaging style and on-point presentation. Paul also presented to our staff, a small group of about 20, and conducted an in-house workshop for our leaders where he was quite effective at right-sizing his talk to accommodate a more intimate setting. Our staff enjoyed Paul’s obvious passion for and knowledge of the topic as well as his ability to weave examples, questions, and discussions into the presentation, making it more interactive and inspirational. I highly recommend Paul as a speaker and we would work with him again!

Kim Gill, Civica Associations Conferences & Exhibitions

Our event was relatively small, and Paul took the time to learn people’s names, ask questions about our industry and was able to deliver an engaging, powerful presentation. We had great feedback from our industry, and everyone was able to take something away from Paul’s session.

Stacey Wills, Manitoba Trucking Association

Paul brings an incredible energy and a fresh perspective to any audience. If you are looking to engage, inspire, and elevate your event, I would strongly recommend him.

Allison Ramchuk, KGH Foundation

Paul was such a pleasure to work with and the consummate pro. His live sessions at our event were insightful, empowering and imbued with both passion and practical takeaways. We highly recommend him and look forward to working together again soon!

Michael-Oliver Harding, Boma France

Over the past couple of years, we have engaged several guest speakers to present to our management team, and Paul was by far the best! Paul was very knowledgeable of our business and the subject matter, making him relatable with our group. His passion and honest feedback to questions from our team made the presentation a memorable experience for all in attendance and we look forward to working with Paul again in the future.

Marcel LeCoure, Canfor

Growth Dimensions was fortunate to have Paul Krismer as the Keynote Speaker of our 2020 Annual Event. His live presentation during the event was engaging and personal, as he continually engaged the audience to share ideas and answers. He also remained for an additional time period to speak to attendees and answers questions. More than 1/2 of our attendees stayed after the conclusion of the main event to listen to more positive words of wisdom from Paul. His message of positivity and how to incorporate that into the workplace was a timely and relevant message, given the stressors created by the pandemic and other outside influences. Some of the comments we received from our attendees are: “[Paul’s] message was positive and inspiring.” “On a scale from 1-10, Paul scores a 10.” We can’t thank Paul enough for his contribution to making our event a success.

Heather Wick, Growth Dimensions

Paul was very engaging. We got a lot of excellent feedback from our customers, saying that they found his presentation useful both for their personal lives and their business operations. I have been doing this work for over thirteen years and I have never seen our attendees respond and engage more than we saw with Paul. People were eagerly shouting across the room wanting to respond and participate! We will certainly work with Paul again.

Kate M. Paciorek, National Interstate Insurance

Paul led two virtual workshops for our GEAPS Virtual Leadership Conference. He was very well received by our attendees. He encouraged cameras on, which along with his methodology, helped drive strong levels of engagement by participants. Paul was strong in delivery, easy to work with, and used high-end video and audio tools to best support his presentations. And all were highly pleased with his emcee work and production of his short introductory videos of other speakers.

Jim Lenz, Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS)

I feel very fortunate to have listened to Paul’s talk about happiness. At first, I was skeptical about this topic, but right after he started the presentation, I found myself in a very different mood. I highly recommend him for any group of people who need some inspiration. He is truly the Happiness Expert. I am already using what I learned, and life is better for it!

Attila Kovarcsik, One Thyme Pictures

Paul delivered an inspirational keynote and reminded all of us to make gratitude and happiness a priority! He hit the mark, with his focus on the science of happiness coupled with practical applications. Paul’s masterful use of Zoom led to a highly engaging and fun virtual session with rave reviews.

Karen McGrail, The John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition

My group found him very engaging, very interactive and they had lots of take-aways from the presentation. I highly recommend him.

Kerry Brown, MacKay CEO Forums

Our group enjoyed his presentation beyond belief, the content was so valuable and impactful. Everyone walked away with a feeling of well-being and found the message to have a tremendous amount of application for our work environment. I truly almost forgot he was not in the room, since he controlled the group and engaged them so well. I would highly recommend considering Paul for your next conference or as your next keynote. His stand-out presentation will leave you with an entire new outlook on how we conduct ourselves in today’s challenging and changing lives. His message is truly one for the ages, and his ability to resonate with his audience was beyond expectation.

Jerry Lemm, Montana Electric Cooperatives’ Association

I was looking to build resiliency in my team during a time of big change. We wanted to hear how we have some control over how we show up every day at work; that there is a lot more benefit to choosing to be optimistic. Paul gave us what we wanted. My staff appreciated the humour and his great energy. Paul is very professional. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Carol Crowfoot, Alberta Energy Regulator

We really appreciated Paul’s ability to tailor his presentation to our audience and timeframe. He was excellent at engaging our members and delivering meaningful, relevant information.

Shauna McReynolds, Pacific Northwest Utilities

In my opinion, Paul was a great way to kick off our conference. He set the tone for what we wanted our attendees to be able to accomplish during the week. He was engaging, active and did a really good job connecting with our audience. We were very pleased with the message he was able to share.

Dan Whatley, Auburn University

Members of the Credit Union Managers Association of Manitoba enjoyed Paul’s presentation. It really resonated with many of our members, and we have feedback that they would be able to put a lot of his advice and tips into practice in both their work and home settings. He also received the highest audience rating of the speakers we had this year.

Maxine Gromnisky, Steinbach Credit Union

Paul was really well received. He brought a great balance of science and touchy-feelly. We left the retreat as a different team. We are still high five days later!

Mary Lou Newbold, Mayfair Optometric

Our attendees enjoyed the event and having a feel-good topic focused on their mental outlook and positivity. The talk was well presented, and Paul is such a great speaker who is easy to work with!

Michelle Givvin, The National Association of Subrogation Professionals

Paul’s Opening Keynote Presentation for our Partners in Prevention 2021 Health & Safety Virtual Conference was a great way to kick-off the event. He was inspiring, engaging, relevant, and professional- both in front of the audience and behind the scenes. A pleasure to work with and feedback was very positive. Two thumbs up!

Joanna Hickling, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

We asked participants, “What did you enjoy most about the program?” The answer was “Paul Krismer!” He was the highlight of the program. Everyone enjoyed Paul’s energy. Lawyers loved the science!

Elizabeth Parizot, The Advocates’ Society

Frankly, Paul undersold himself. He was very engaging. He was so good we brought him back to speak to the whole plant. . . . we got great reviews from our employees. They all got something out of it!

Ryan Popilchak, Cascades Containerboard Packaging

Working with Paul Krismer was an absolute delight — from the very beginning, signing the contract, through preparation for the event, the actual presentation, and the follow up afterwards. At the conference he was very energetic. He brought a good message to delegates. He gave everyone a take-away that they could action immediately. He was the ideal keynote speaker!

Joseph Fritz, Investment Casting Institute

Paul has been fantastic . . . in two capacities: he has provided coaching to our senior level staff and has taught the principles of positive psychology to our entire leadership team. We will continue working with Paul.

Peter Fitzpatrick, Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Center

Paul’s presentation was dynamic and engaging and I think it was really relevant. It spoke to every person in the room, regardless of their rank, their past experience and their age. He was really relatable. I followed up with people afterwards and many of them are actually using the tools passed on by Paul, such as keeping a gratitude journal to train the brain to see positive things more readily. I had a conversation with a couple people who said the workshop had a significant impact on them. It gave them additional tools and the motivation to keep moving towards their goal of being healthier and happier. As a result of his impactful and practical workshop, I’ve recommended Paul to several other departments in our organization.

Vicki Gill, Canadian Department of Defense

I try to bring a special speaker in for a staff event at least once a year. Overall, Paul was excellent. He was the best speaker we have had so far!

Claire Flewelling-Wyatt, Pemberton Holmes Ltd.

Quite simply…. mind-blowingly good. I had the pleasure of listening to Paul at the recent IDI Design Symposium in Vancouver. His presentation was captivating, convincing, hilarious, incredibly well delivered – the room was entirely engrossed, entertained, and engaged… and probably a lot more adjectives that don’t begin with ‘e’… I have attended many (too many) a conference where we are slugging back the coffee to stay engaged – not least on the last day before lunch. Paul was seriously one of the most interesting and high caliber presenters I have ever been fortunate enough to see!

Jules Galloway, Evolve Interiors

I brought in Paul to open our Safety Center’s 2021 Safety Symposium. He made the case that psychological capital is critical to the success of creating powerful safety cultures. We got tremendous feedback from his talk. It felt like all of us were on the edge of our seats. The happy, positive energy felt amazing, many of us feeling high… we ALL wanted more!

Gayleen Grigoreas, Safety Center Incorporated

Paul provided a window into a necessary understanding of human behavior that will benefit all who attend his seminars. His easy-going style of delivery allows everyone to connect not only with the material, but also with him. Paul teaches us that happiness is not a fleeting moment where we briefly identify with an emotion we crave. We are all similar in desiring to replicate repeatedly this very human phenomenon. Paul provides us with the tools to harness this essential human experience, and make it benefit our daily existence.

Stacey Sproule, Forest Safety Council

Paul actively and effectively engaged our audience…. the presentation was fabulous.

Lisa McGuire, Manufacturing Safety Alliance

Over the past year I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul on two occasions. Public speaking is a calling for Paul, and this quickly becomes apparent. He wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and it shows. For those who want to offer something of depth and substance to their audience in a charming and upbeat fashion, I recommend Paul without hesitation.

Andrew Klukas, Women in Carwash

I’ve seen Paul speak on a number of occasions and so that’s why I invited him to come speak at our event. Paul’s team was very easy to work. Our event was all about positive safety culture so we asked Paul to come and set the tone for the meeting. It worked out wonderfully! He was very entertaining, had a great message, and it really resonated!

Lori Saretsky & Troy Withey, West Fraser

He performed extremely well. He was high energy. He kept the room really engaged and interactive. His content was on point — it was exactly what we had hoped it would be! 100%

Judy Hunter, Conference Board of Canada

Selected Clients

Johnson & Johnson

An American multinational corporation that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods.


A technology corporation which produces computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers.

U.S. Army

The United States Army (USA) is the land service branch of the United States Armed Forces. With combined forces from the Regular Army, the Army National Guard, and the U.S. Army Reserve the strength of the U.S. Army is over 1 million soldiers.

Fasken Martineau

An international law firm, consisting of over 700, lawyers in 10 different locations including Beijing, Johannesburg, London and Toronto.

Investors Group

A full service financial planning and services company operating throughout Canada.

The University of Alabama

The state’s flagship university with 30,000+ staff serving 40,000+ students.

Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Armed Forces are the unified military forces of Canada, including sea, land, and air.


An international not-for-profit industry association representing all segments of the pet industry.


The world’s leading integrated producer of phosphate and potash, employing more than 15,000 people in six countries.

Cascades Packaging

Cascades produces packaging and tissue products that are composed mainly of recycled fibres. The Company employs 11,000 people, who work in more than 90 manufacturing facilities.

Alberta Energy Regulator

The Alberta Energy Regulator provides for the safe, efficient, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of energy resources. This includes allocating and conserving water resources, managing public lands, and protecting the environment for all Albertans.

The Advocates’ Society

Represents and supports court room lawyers through both advocating for their concerns and providing on-going relevant education.

The Ministry of Education

The Ministry oversees the British Columbia school system of approximately 553,000 public school students. Paul has spoken to teachers, administration staff and students.

Tridon Communications

Tridon Communications is the leading wireless communication provider for Northern Alberta.

Institute of Families

A not-for-profit agency supporting and advocating for families coping with mental health issues amongst their youth.

BC Cancer Agency

The BC Cancer Agency provides a comprehensive cancer control program for the people of British Columbia. Additionally it supports research in oncology care and prevention.

eWomen’s Network

An international association of women entrepreneurs.

International Association of Defense Counsel

An international association of approximately 2,500 invitation-only, peer reviewed members consisting of corporate and insurance defense attorneys and insurance executives since 1920.

Fundacion de Bulivar Davividenda

A charitable organization founded by Bolívar Group of companies in Colombia, whose mission is to support transformative, high impact projects that build a more just, equitable and innovative society.

International Occupation Health and Safety Congress

IOHS Expo is a leading International Occupational Health and Safety Congress and Fair. Organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the event hosts over 5000 attendees. Topics range from health and safety legislation to scientific research, developments and technological advances.

SpeedPro Signs

A North American franchising company, leading the market-place in large format image printing for business advertising and promotion.

Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board

The provincial agency that delivers workplace insurance to Saskatchewan employers and benefits to Saskatchewan workers when they are hurt at work.

Pacific Safety Center

A consortium of safety practitioners organizing western Canada’s largest annual safety conference.

Western Forest Products

Supplying wood products to over 25 countries, Western Forest Products runs a vertically integrated wood harvesting and wood manufacturing business.

Brentwood College

Brentwood College is an elite, private residential boarding school catering to the most discerning families.

BC Forest Safety Council

The British Columbia Forest Safety Council is the health and safety association for forest harvesting and sawmills in British Columbia.

Project Management Institute

With 2.9 million professionals working in nearly every country in the world, PMI advances the profession of project management through globally recognized standards, certifications, tools and resources.


A natural gas and electricity company serving 1.1 million customers in British Columbia.

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a provincial Crown corporation established to provide universal auto insurance to B.C. motorists. It is also responsible for driver licensing, and vehicle licensing and registration.

AIDS Vancouver Island

AIDS Vancouver Island serves the needs of people infected and affected by HIV and hepatitis C. They take evidence-based action to prevent infection, provide support, and reduce stigma.

Victoria Hospice

Victoria Hospice provides end-of-life care focused on palliative treatment. Empoying nurses, counsellors, spiritual caregivers, physicians, and trained volunteers to provide comfort for the patient and support for the family.

Island Timberlands

A private timberlands business focused on growing, harvesting and delivering high quality timber and other forest products from coastal British Columbia to a broad customer base.


A leader in the Employment Training industry in the areas of program development, management and delivery, specializing in the area of new business/entrepreneurial incubation programs.


An agency of the government of Colombia, responsible for encouraging innovation and entrepreneurialism in this rapidly developing Latin American country.

Interior Designers of Canada

Founded in 1972, Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) is the national advocacy association for the interior design profession, representing more than 5,000 members including fully qualified interior designers.

City of Victoria

Victoria, capital of British Columbia, sits on the craggy southern end of Vancouver Island. With abundant parkland, it’s known for outdoor activities.

Government of British Columbia

The Government of British Columbia, Canada represents the interests of 4.6 million citizens, providing universal healthcare, education, and a myriad of additional diverse services.

Canadian Forces Health Promotion

Existing to serve the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel, and their families to take control of their own health and well-being.

Pacific Blue Cross

British Columbia’s largest health insurance company, covering 1.5 million policy holders—primarily through employer-paid group benefit plans.


Safety Advisory Foundation for Education and Research—a union and employer funded organization that is responsible for enhancing safety and wellness outcomes in the forestry and wood product manufacturing sector.

BC Corrections

B.C. Corrections manages adults who are in custody or under community supervision. It provides secure custody for accused awaiting trial as well as for offenders serving sentences of less than two years.


Vigil Health Solutions is a leader in innovative call systems and resident monitoring solutions for senior living. 

Strathcona Regional District

The Strathcona Regional District is a federation of five municipalities and four electoral areas providing over 43000 residents with a range of services.

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University is a public teaching and research university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees and vocational training.

Manufacturing Safety Alliance

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance is the health and safety association for manufacturers and food processors in British Columbia.

Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

CSSE members work in many different industries, but share one common goal: Ensuring colleagues make it home safe at the end of the workday. The organization shapes the safety profession in Canada by working with its many members and partners.

Sunrise Credit Union

The first credit union in Manitoba, organized in 1937. Traditional values, combined with sound business management have resulted in the growth from just one branch to fourteen, with over 150 employees and over $1billion in assets by the end of 2017.

The Great Plains Safety & Health Organization

The Great Plains Safety & Health Organization promotes safety, health and environmental responsibility by providing affordable professional education, support and advice to businesses, organizations, and individuals.


Travelzoo is a global media commerce company. With more than 28 million members in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and 25 offices worldwide, Travelzoo publishes offers from more than 2,000 travel, entertainment and local companies.

Craft Public Relations

Craft Public Relations provides communication strategy, media relations, influencer relations and social media services for consumer brands in Canada.

Chartered Professional Accountants of BC

The Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC) is the training, governing, and regulatory body for over 36,000 CPA members and 5,000 CPA students and candidates.

Video Testimonials

Linda Jones

Project Management Institute

Christine S.

Goldberg Companies


Deputy Warden, B.C Corrections

Susan Dankert

Pet Industry Association Of Canada

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Manufacturing Safety Allience Of BC


Director, Canada Dep’t of Defense

Christian H.

Vivint Home Security

Ryan Popilchak

Cascades Containerboard Company

Claire Flewelling-Wyatt

Pemberton Holmes



Mary Lou Newbold

Mayfair Optometric

Dan Whatley

Auburn University

Emily Bouley

Johnson and Johnson

Jennifer Moore

Spark Conference

Nora D’Ambra & Joe Fritz

Investment Casting Institute

Annie Sheehan

Christine Shaw

Goldberg Companies

Gordon Walker

Praxis Supplies

Yavuz Selim

Infoloji Fair Inc.

Josh Stoll

National Interstate Insurance

Melinda Morben

Island Timberlands

Mike Kucherawy

Investors Group

Scott Daniel

Young’s Commercial Transfer

John Bulcock

Western Canada Pulp and Paper

Dwight Mashburn

Mashburn Transportation Services

Coby, Katelyn, Debra

Thompson Rivers University

Mihaela Duceag

Make It Safe Conference

Jeff Smith

Investors Group

Nara Acharya

Kate Paciorek

Hilb Group

Milika Ivaz

Investors Group


Warden, Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Center

Joe Weber

General Contractors Insurance

Troy Withey and Lori Saretsky

West Fraser

Judy Hunter

Conference Board of Canada