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• Improve recruiting and retention

• Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism (disengagement)

• Cut costs through safety and compliance improvements

• Foster creativity and innovation

• Boost internal and external customer service ratings

We use science-based tools, powerful stories, and experiential trainings to make organizations flourish — psychologically and financially.

Case Studies

We develop novel solutions to drive measurable results through enhanced culture and wellbeing.

1) Cultural Transformation to Reduce Insurance Claims by 80%

YCT is an industry leader in commercial transportation. They are at risk of having to dissolve the company due to frequent and expensive insurance claims. They navigate a high intensity and high risk operating environment due to supplier demands in a highly seasonal industry.

We developed an comprehensive leadership development program for senior leaders as well as training for frontline supervisors. We implemented coaching programs for key executives including the CEO and group coaching for all management. We also provided cutting edge safety management best practices. While the safety system was impactful. What we found was it was really about cultural transformation. It’s not just about what’s “on paper” but psychological capital. We developed leaders’ emotional intelligence so they could create a climate of safety compliance and genuine engagement with a safety culture. The key levers were shifting management leadership styles and directing sustained organizational focus back to the safety objective.

Over one year, we see a 50% reduction in claims and an 80% reduction in cost of claims saving about $3M.

2) Coaching for Work-Life Satisfaction & Performance

Laura is a former Big 4 manager and healthcare CFO who recently faced a major career transition. She felt she needed to reengage her passion after mid-career burnout. She needed clarity on her career trajectory as well as practical tools to manage stress, optimize cognitive performance, and lead effectively in her new CFO role.

We developed a 4 month coaching program supplemented with weekly assignments.

Laura’s motto that stood out from the engagement: “You are stronger than you let yourself be.” Here are her self-reported changes in key performance indicators through our work…

  • Lifestyle structure and healthy habits 3 → 7
  • Tools for managing stress and discomfort 1 → 7.5
  • Anxiety and “over-achiever” tendency 2 → 7.5
  • Short term career clarity 3 → 7.5
  • Long term career clarity 3 → 8

3) Custom Development for High Potential Leadership Group

A national real estate development, construction, and property management firm sought a high impact one day development workshop for their high potential future leaders group.

We worked with the buyer to determine the key outcomes for participants: skillsets to manage stress and difficult interpersonal interaction and ability to mentor and develop their people. To this end we delivered our signature training on happiness and performance as well as two custom modules on coaching/mentoring and adaptive stress responses.

“The training was the talk of dinner. People couldn’t believe how emotional and impactful of an event it was. We see the models coming up most of our interactions”. Below are participant self-reports.

  • Avg. score 8.4 → 9.2 “I have what it takes to be happy and successful at work.”
  • Avg. score 8.0 → 9.3 “I have the knowledge and skills to deal with stress and show up at my best for customers and employees.”
  • Avg. score 8.7 → 9.7 “I have the knowledge and skills to be an exceptional mentor in our mentorship and peer connection program.”

Scott Daniel

“I contracted Paul and his partners at HMB to lead a cultural transformation focused on improving safety and compliance… Year over year, the company has reduced claims costs by 80%, resulting in an expected savings of millions of dollars in future insurance premiums.”

Scott Daniel

Young’s Commercial Transfer

Alex Wickert

“I was lucky enough to work alongside Jackson for 6 months and bear witness to his prodigious talent, skill and insight. Jackson and the HMB team operate with a rare sense of urgency and diligence which ensures quality outcomes are delivered in very short windows. I can’t recommend his services enough – you won’t regret engaging him!”

Alex Wickert

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  • Optimism & Resiliency



Problem: Employers are facing unprecedented labor challenges and rising costs of attrition. Employers are unable to sustainably source and recruit talent. More than 19 million US workers—and counting—have quit their jobs since April 2021. (Ref. 1)

Solution: Teach employers (1) what really motivates employees (especially Millennials and Gen Z), (2) how to build systems to monitor employee happiness, and (3) how to craft a culture where employees want to come to work and stay there.


Problem: Employers are facing rising labor costs – this is driven by more than attrition. Common root causes are burnout, absenteeism, presenteeism*, and disengaged workforce.

Solution: Mentally distressed workers account for about 5.7% of their salary in lost productivity and unhappy workers take more sick days (approximately 7x as many). (Ref. 2) Employers must understand the causes and conditions of an optimal workplace culture and implement science-based interventions that empower workers at all levels to flourish.


Problem: Employers do not have sustainable strategies to drive innovation and increase productivity.

Solution: It may sound juvenile or idealistic, but the bottom-line consensus from decades of positive psychology research is this: Happier employees are more creative, more engaged, and more successful. Nearly every productivity measure increases with employee happiness. (Ref. 3)

*Presenteeism – Presenteeism refers to the lost productivity that occurs when employees are not fully functioning in the workplace because of an illness, injury, or other condition. Even though the employee may be physically at work, they may not be able to fully perform their duties and are more likely to make mistakes on the job.