Values Tool

Find your top values.

Values Identifier: Your next Step to Your Best Self

1. Brainstorm

Before getting started, we recommend watching this short video to get started.

Select 10 or more values

Pick the words that most resonate with you. Some values listed will appeal to you more than others. Pick at least 10 or more. Make sure they are the words that really seem important to you.


2. Refine

From the words you have previously selected, your task is to now reduce the list to just 5 to 8 values. This can be difficult. Take your time to deeply consider what is most important to you.

Select 5 to 8 Values


3. Ranking

Order your values (top being the most important)

The list is ordered from highest importance to lowest importance. If you picked more than 5 words, the bottom words will be knocked off for your final results. Your task is to now reduce the list to just 5 words AND rank those 5 values in order of importance. Drag the value and arrange as per importance.

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