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I am a speaker, author, and consultant – above all I’m a teacher at heart. My life’s work is to study and teach happiness. While I’ve worked with many groups, from college students to first responders, my focus is on happier work. I work at the intersection of businesses/organizations and happiness to help leaders bring out the best in their people.

My mission is to serve 1,000 organizations by 2025, because Happiness is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to the world.

I’m told I have a rather unique background: I’m a former management consultant, startup executive, Zen monk, college instructor, and I might be the first person to have majored in happiness. This unordinary experience is what helps me deliver extraordinary results.

My story began in college as a future management consultant. I had an inside track to the MBB (top 3 consulting firms) and was running a fintech startup (www.studentfi.org). In classic college fashion, I had a mini-existential crisis about what I should do with my life. I realized that while success, earnings, and achievement are wonderful – what we really want is happiness.

The first ever Happiness Major

So I majored in it. I created my own degree and first ever happiness course at the University of Alabama. My work won a Lightbulb research grant and was recognized by the International Positive Psychology Association. After college I continued my study with four months as a Zen monk (with ~1,000 hours of meditation).

As a Partner at Happiness Means Business, I have worked with sales leaders from Vivint Home Security, to school board officers, to U.S. infantry commanders. I am also an executive coach certified by Emory University. I serve several senior leaders including the former CFO of Michigan Children’s hospital. My digital footprint has reached +100,000 people and I’ve spoken to hundreds of leaders across the country.

I make the art and science of happiness entertaining and practical. I believe in a high challenge – high support relationship. Every training I do will demand the audience reflect deeply and commit to action. They will connect with the best version of themselves in the content and leave feeling happier.

I’ve written two books – How to Stick to Meditation: The Science of Habit Meets The Art of Mindfulness and Beyond Profit & Productivity. Both of which offer science-based practices for happier work and life. I’m a member of the National Speakers Association. And I’m a regular podcast guest and contributor (Fast Company, Live Happy, TIDE Talks 28).

In my spare time, I serve a local non-profit teaching mindfulness to first responders and at-risk community members and I’m a Director at the 4 Day Week US advocacy nonprofit. On weekends you’ll find me goofing around with old friends, working out, and wandering the western PA countryside.

Stop by my weekly mindful yoga class if you’re ever in town.

Please reach out and I promise you a truly one of a kind and life-changing experience for your people.

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